Testimonials for Dr. Krowiak

"Just wanted to say how pleased my daughter and I were with Dr. Krowiak. We came to him for a second opinion and although a diagnosis hasn't been reached yet, we felt so much better after talking with him. He explained things on our level and spent time talking with both of us. I would highly recommend Dr. Krowiak to anyone! Thank you again for educating us on the matter and not talking "down" to us or making us feel like we were wasting your time. I felt that all of our concerns were addressed and we appreciated your friendliness and humor. Your staff did a nice job as well!" -Lisa Stout

"My husband Richard W Davis has been a patient of Centa since 2009. first with Dr. Freeman then Dr. Krowiak. These 2 men are some of the finest Doctors i have ever known. The best care my husband could have. My reason today to post this is because of Dr. Krowiak's nurse Toephi. She has been excellent since our very first visit. Each and every time we see her, Toephi, she is so professional and caring. My husband is a throat cancer survivor. I called 2 months ago when he was in trouble. Toephi got us right in to see Dr. Krowiak and then when he was in trouble over this past weekend i called Toephi and expressed concern. She called me from her home to tell me Dr K would see us first thing on Tuesday morning. She is the best, I know Dr. K likes her but my husband and I think she is top notch just like the rest of your staff at Centa. I am in a customer service position at my job and all we hear these days are the bad. I wanted to tell you how please we are and have been with all the care physically and physiologically we have received. Our family physician referred us to another ENT in this past month. I said why, we have the best ENT in the country. Why would we go any where else. Thank you for listening, i hope this is taken to heart. It is the truth." -Debbie Davis

"When I walked into the Centa office in August of 2011 I weighed 98lbs, I had a tumor on my tongue, the floor of my mouth was eaten up with cancer, and the cancer was in my jaw. I was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma. Dr. Kroviak told me in these exact words " you aren't going to die, it's not going to be fun but you will live." He then brought in my team of docs which included Doc Rigas. Eventually Doc Huntley would join the team. I had two extensive surgeries which included removing two thirds of my tongue, rebuilding the floor of my mouth and removing the whole left side of my jaw and most of my right. Initially I was told that I would never talk nor would I eat by mouth, but by the grace of God and because of my outstanding team of CENTA docs I am able to do both. I had 37 radiation treatments and 6 chemo is because of the compassion and care from my docs that I was able to endure those treatments. I mean this with all of my heart when I say that God had a hand in me going to CENTA and I honestly believe that had I not been sent to CENTA I would not be writing this today. Last week I celebrated 5 years of being cancer free. Thank you is not nearly enough to express my gratitude for the docs ( especially Doc Rigas) at CENTA. I thank God everyday for my team at CENTA." -Ann Tisdale



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