Testimonials for Byron Kubik

"Byron Kubic installed my prosthesis about a month after my laryngectomy on September 13, 2012. At the time of the installation Kubic carefully explained cleaning procedures, and later how to use the adhesive housing to be able to insert the valve allowing me to talk. I saw him every two months for the first two years when I had an appointment with the surgeon and later whenever I saw the surgeon. But when the prosthesis leaks--this can be in two weeks, one month, two months, three months, etc.--Byron is always available for me to come to the office for a new prosthesis. For me, the most important and reassuring part of being Kubik's patient is that he is about ALWAYS AVAILABLE when I have a leak in my prosthesis. He manages to make time for me on the day I have a leak. In addition, his awesome, cheerful calmness in taking care of my problem (a leak is BIG to me and I get very emotional) gives me hope and encouragement that things can be fixed. Kubik is conscientious about following up on how the new prosthesis is working and will answer by phone or email any problems that come up. So, anyone considering or who has had a laryngectomy will find in Kubic a qualified, caring professional who will attempt to "keep his patient talking!" I witness that he has allowed me to live an almost normal life--I owe him a lot!" - Marianne Wright



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