Head &Neck Tumor Specialists in Indiana at CENTA

Dental & Prosthodontic Services

Because of the significant impact that head and neck cancer and its treatment has on the mouth, teeth, and jaws, our team is proud to be affiliated with Dr. Steven Haug, the President of the American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. In addition to his role in optimizing dental and jaw form and function, his prosthodontic work involves the meticulous creation of natural-appearing artificial ears, eyes, and noses, when needed.

If those prosthetic ears, noses, or dentures require osseointegrated implants to hold them in place, we can take care of that need. We work closely with Central Indiana's top oral surgeons, and CENTA's head and neck surgeons all have clinical appointments to Indiana University's oral and maxillofacial surgery department. All of the residents in that department work with CENTA's surgical team and are part of the weekly clinic, as is Dr. Jack Schaaf, a faculty member of the I.U. School of Dentistry. Because most of the oral cancers we see at CENTA are discovered by dentists, we are privileged to continue our role in teaching oral cancer to IU's dental students under the supervision of Dr. Schaaf.

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