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Ears and Hearing

We live in a world of sounds. Ear pain and hearing loss can adversely affect the quality of our lives. In fact, hearing loss and ear infections affect approximately one tenth of the population in our country. There are many different causes and treatments for ear pain and hearing loss, including trauma, infection, conductive hearing loss (anything that interferes with the transmission of sound) and senorineural hearing loss (damage to the inner ear and nerve pathways), and CENTA offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment expertise for them.

Testing and Evaluation

CENTA offers a wide range of testing and diagnostic services, including:

  • Audiometry - Evaluation of hearing loss with in-office hearing aid services
  • Otoacoustics Emissions - Ability to evaluate even the youngest patients, including newborns, with ear and hearing problems with OAE's (Otoacoustic Emissions)


Like all other conditions, the treatment of hearing loss and ear pain depends on the diagnosis. Treatment may include the following:

  • Treatment of chronic ear infections including placement of ear tubes
  • Immediate diagnosis of causes of hearing loss such as ear wax blockage, fluid, or infection and same day treatment
  • Availability of the latest in small, invisible, behind-the-ear digital hearing aids at reasonable prices
  • Thorough and accurate evaluation and treatment of patients with dizziness, vertigo, or other balance problems
  • Custom swim plugs
  • Custom earplugs for noise protection
  • Docs Pro Plugs for children or adults with ear tubes
  • Hearing aid batteries, repairs, and service

Dizziness, ear pain, acoustic trauma, infections and hearing loss all require diagnosis and treatment by qualified professionals. CENTA is ready to help. Call us today.

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