Head &Neck Tumor Specialists in Indiana at CENTA

CENTA's Team of Head & Neck Physicians

Meet CENTA's talented head and neck surgeons: Drs. Edward Krowiak, Tod Huntley, Stephen Freeman, and Nick Rigas. Their expertise involves not only the ability to remove the most difficult cancers, but also the ability to reconstruct the body parts affected by the cancer. In fact, CENTA was the first group in the state—whether in private practice or at a university—that used the most advanced microvascular free flap techniques that are now used around the world for head and neck cancer reconstruction. Though all our physicians are well-versed in all aspects of head and neck cancer surgery, each has been allowed to develop special interests and expertise, and they work as a team to select the best surgeon for each case.

CENTA's surgeons work in tandem with central Indiana's most well respected medical oncology groups and radiation oncologists at this weekly clinic. Typically two of the surgeons, a radiation oncologist, and a medical oncologist will see each patient before participating in a frank and honest discussion concerning the best treatment option.

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