Pediatric ENT Specialists in Indiana at CENTA

CENTA'S Obstructive sleep Apnea Team

All of CENTA's physicians are involved in the surgical treatment of OSA. Our OSA team is headed by Dr. Tod Huntley, recognized as one of the country's leading surgical experts in the field. Dr. Huntley has been at the forefront in fine tuning and studying many of the procedures that are performed around the world. He is active in teaching and publishing, and has been a principle investigator in a number of pivotal multicenter and FDA clinical trials of OSA surgical techniques, including Somnoplasty®, Pillar implants, and tongue base advancement. He is now actively involved in a multicenter clinical trial involving hypoglossal nerve stimulator implantation and an international trial involving da Vinci® transoral robotic surgical (TORS) reduction of the tongue base for OSA.

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