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Most thyroid problems present as a mass in front of the neck, or cause swallowing problems as the result of the thyroid gland becoming very large.  CENTA surgeons have more than 50 years of combined experience treating benign and malignant thyroid conditions.  We have collectively performed thousands of thyroid surgeries safely and effectively, and perform 200 or more per year.

Parathyroid disease usually involves one overactive parathyroid gland that causes parathyroid hormone (PTH) to become abnormally high which leads blood calcium levels to rise as well. A diagnosis is made when blood calcium and PTH levels are both elevated. We use the latest techniques for locating the abnormal gland, including intraoperative ultrasound exam. We only perform minimally invasive surgery with incisions less than one inch long as well as intraoperative PTH monitoring, methylene blue localization, and Gamma Probe to maximize surgical success, almost always on an outpatient basis.

Thyroid surgery without a neck incision? It's not only possible but is available through our practice. CENTA, through the Midwest Institute for Robotic Surgery, is the first medical practice in Indiana and one of a few locations in the country to offer da Vinci® transaxillary robotic surgery. Drs. Huntley and Krowiak had extensive training through the company that makes the da Vinci® robotic system, Intuitive Surgical, and have performed multiple robotic thyroid surgeries through the armpit with no neck incision. Drs. Huntley and Krowiak are involved in robotic surgical clinical research and have presented their results with this remarkable technique at an international robotic surgical meeting in 2010. They are not only the region's most experienced head and neck robotic surgical team, but have also been involved in teaching most other surgeons in the area this exciting new technology.

To help provide an accurate diagnosis of thyroid and parathyroid conditions, CENTA offers in office ultrasound testing and, if necessary, ultrasound guided biopsies with our pathologist, Dr. Schwenk. The ultrasound and biopsy can be performed all in one visit.

So whether you are a candidate for minimally invasive parathyroid surgery, endoscopic robotic thyroid surgery without a neck incision, or need more extensive surgery via a more traditional approach, CENTA's physicians can direct your care from initial diagnosis through final treatment, and will communicate with your primary physician throughout. No group in the region is better equipped or experienced.

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