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Problems with voice usually present as hoarseness. Hoarseness occurs when a person is having difficulty producing sound in order to speak. Sometimes, the person is able to speak, but the pitch or tone of the voice has changed. It may be weak, husky, breathy or scratchy. Hoarseness is usually caused by a problem of the vocal cords. Hoarseness that lingers for weeks or months may be caused by a variety of problems—some minor, some serious.

Causes of Hoarseness

Voice problems often present as hoarseness. Hoarseness has many causes:

  • Nodules or polyps growing on the vocal cords
  • Night-time reflux (Laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR) which causes vocal cord swelling
  • Cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions
  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia
  • Spastic Dysphonia

A proper history and direct exam of the voice box by a knowledgeable ENT doctor is key to accurate diagnosis and treatment. A vast majority of hoarseness, especially in non-smokers, is not cancer-related.


CENTA offers the entire range of diagnostic tests including:

  • High-definition distal chip transnasal scopes for examining the voice box with patient screens available for a live view of your own larynx exam
  • pH probe studies performed in our office to evaluate reflux
  • High-definition videostroboscopy
  • Transnasal esophagoscopy to allow exam of the esophagus in the office
  • In-office EMG machine for Botox injections into the vocal cords for spastic dysphonia


CENTA offers:

  • Voice therapy
  • Medicinal therapy
  • Surgical treatment of benign vocal cord pathology (nodules, polyps)
  • Non-surgical management of professional voice users such as performers, executives, public speakers, and teachers

The CENTA Difference

Proper vocal health is important, particularly if you use your voice at work or as a performer. Whether you are a teacher, lecturer, switchboard operator, or professional singer, we recognize that your voice is your instrument and your livelihood. And your throat deserves the best care available. That is why the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts, home of the Palladium, has chosen CENTA as its official health care provider for voice disorders. The Palladium is the country’s most acoustically perfect musical concert venue, and hosts the finest musical acts from around the world. The Palladium’s staff sends its performers with vocal problems to CENTA. And if our physicians are the choice for world class performers, then CENTA should be the first choice for voice and throat problems for you and your family.

The CENTA difference is also found in the expertise and experience of our knowledgeable physicians. Dr. Eric Blom is one of the most recognized names in the world in the field of speech and voice disorders and their treatment. Dr. Blom is an internationally recognized speech pathologist and medical device inventor, the co-developer of the tracheoesophageal voice restoration technique and numerous Blom-Singer® voice prosthesis and valves, utilized around the world following total laryngectomy. He recently invented the Blom® Tracheostomy Tube System which, for the first time, facilitates speech for ventilator dependent patients with a fully inflated cuffed tracheostomy tube.

Dr. Krowiak has more than a decade of experience diagnosing and treating voice problems and is referred patients from other ENT doctors around the state of Indiana. Dr. Krowiak's main areas of specialty include voice, thyroid/parathyroid, and head and neck.

A national expert on the ENT causes of chronic cough, Dr. Scott Phillips has presented at numerous national and international meetings, published a textbook chapter and several papers in medical literature, and is currently active in medical research, conducting a study of the relationship of nasal polyps and acid reflux disease.

CENTA is also uniquely qualified to manage the most complex surgical approaches for cancers as well as bring the ability to speak to those who have had their voice box removed for cancer.

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